April Students of the Month

April Students of the Month

By Jayme Poole Posted April 21, 2009

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

Students of the month for April were an amazing selection of students. Mrs. James Nominated Maria-Elise Kitras, a ninth-grader because she has the highest MAPPS testing results she has seen. Not only is Maria extremely intelligent as proven on tests, but she is very kind, thoughtful, and considerate. Maria is a wonderful student. She is one in a million!

Mrs. Meissner nominated Alexandra Perry, a tenth grader because she is in two of her classes; she does top quality work in both. She is an active participant in classroom discussions and projects. She is eager to learn and has original ideas and is an independent thinker!

Mrs. Flanders and Mrs. Garrison nominated Bobby Marley, a tenth grader because he has shown an increase in academic achievement and a strong desire to be a better student than last year. He has overcome adversity in his life and is a great example to any young person. We are very proud of his accomplishments!

Mrs. Meissner nominated Chelsea Robison, an eleventh grader because she rarely misses school, and immediately makes up any missing work. She participates in-class discussions. She is a stellar quality writer, has a maturity of thought and expression beyond her years. All work is done to her own high standards and on time.

Mr. Lucas nominated Nicole Finlayson, a twelfth grader because she is a model student when it comes to her academic studies. She gives one hundred percent effort on every assignment and takes pride in doing a job well done. She not only finds time to put forth exceptional time and effort in her schoolwork, what’s more, but she also finds time to devote an incredible amount of energy in her extracurricular activities. Nicole is one of the four cheerleaders selected as an All American! All of this month’s students are outstanding and deserve recognition!

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