April Students of the Month

April Students of the Month

By Irene Diaz Posted April 25, 2012

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

Every month one freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are nominated by a teacher to be students of the month. This month four worthy students became April’s students of the month. These students were Antonio Lopez (9th), Giovanni Diaz (10th), Katie Boyle (11th), and Greg Forney (12th ).

Katie Boyle is a junior and was nominated by Mrs. Corrine James. Katie is an amazing artist and is very creative. She is deeply artistic and will always reach for her vision.

Antonio Lopez is a freshman and was nominated by Mrs. Joyce Knight and Mrs. Alexis Mattson. They both agree when they say that Antonio is a pleasure to have in class and will prosper in life. He is always prepared and is a positive role model. He is respectful and is intent on learning.

Giovanni Diaz is a sophomore and was nominated by Mrs. Marlene Killion. Giovanni is very helpful. He helps other students put away equipment and has been a great help in the American Red Cross Class.

Greg Forney is a senior and was also nominated by Mrs. James. Greg is one of the hardest working students Mrs. James has had. He has taken a lead role in a play only a few days before the performance. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave on work days. He is a hard worker and a role model.

For the month of April, four hardworking students became students of the month. Each is a role model and a great person to have in class.

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