Art Student of the Week: Juliana Blatzheim

Art Student of the Week: Juliana Blatzheim

By Emily Valdez Posted on January 19, 2024

Juliana Blatzheim is Art Student of the Week. Chosen by art teacher Ms. Julia Topholm for her character and skills. 

“This is my first year having Juliana in class but she is one of the most respectful students,” said Topholm. “She’s kind and super super creative. She works hard every day and she’s found a passion for graphite sketching and just working with realism.”

Blatzheim was proud of her new title since art is one of her favorite subjects.

“I like art because it allows me to be creative and express my ideas,” said Blatzheim. “I like to explore different styles and create pieces I would gladly hang on my walls.”

Not only does Blatzheim enjoy the subject but the class in general. 

“I like my art class because I sit with friends and it’s nice to be able to talk about what we’re doing and support each other’s ideas.”

Currently, Blatzheim enjoys experimenting with different shapes and sizes within her art, like with her favorite piece this year. 

“In Art II, my favorite piece I’ve done is probably a graphite drawing I did of part of a motorcycle,” said Blatzheim. “I like to do mechanical drawings because it’s a lot of measuring and proportion but it’s also pretty straightforward and geometrical.”

Although Blatzheim is only a sophomore, she has big plans for her art and future. 

“In the future, I hope to create bigger pieces on my own and just continue to work with different styles and mediums,” said Blatzheim. “I would maybe be interested in going into a career in art or at least going to an art school after I graduate because it is something I know I would truly enjoy.”