Artist of the Issue: Madisyn Andrade

Artist of the Issue: Madisyn Andrade

By Alexis Galarza Posted March 19, 2021

Ms. Julia Topholm chose to recognize Madisyn Andrade as Artist of the Issue. Andrade is currently a junior as a first-year Advanced Art student.

Andrade has a very unique style in the work she does, however, she did not necessarily get her inspiration to begin art from one certain thing.

“I’m not sure that I could say I was ever “inspired” to begin art,” said Andrade. “As soon as I could hold a pencil I have been drawing.”

Art has always played a very big role in her life and is a way she can communicate things she can’t in words. Such as being able to tell stories and ideas in her drawings.

Although Ms. Topholm has many kind things to say about Andrade, her style seems to stick out the most.
“As an artist, she is self-driven with a unique style,” said Topholm.

Andrade’s favorite medium to use is a simple pencil and paper, along with the occasional colored pencil.
“The smooth feeling of the pencil on the paper and its ability to spread and shade has been my go-to and where I do my best work,” said Andrade.

She also enjoys using colored pencils because the color can blend very easily, and is easy to work with.
Andrade has been taking art since her freshman year and plans on taking it her senior year as well.

“She has a genuine love of art and she takes on each project with an open and creative mindset,” said Topholm.
Before when students were only going two days a week, it was hard for Andrade to get all her art done and well.
“Only going to school in person for two days has been a challenge for art class,” said Andrade. “When I’m in the classroom I feel more in my element.”

Currently, Andrade is working on a mural. Being able to come five days a week will be a huge adjustment for her. She will now be able to complete more of it, and faster.

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