Crossword March 19, 2021

Crossword March 19, 2021

By Ron Espinola Posted March 19, 2021


  1. It is on most cakes.
  2. Name of the retiring librarian.
  3. A coffee shop near Khoury’s
  4. March 14 is known as this. (2 wds.)
  5. Recently committed to play football at CofI. (2 wds.)
  6. The new Mexican restaurant in town.
  7. The Easter Bunny originated in this country.
  8. The breakfast place on Winnemucca Blvd. (2 wds.)
  9. Pat Hart is the name on the __ court.
  10. Name of the new Winnada adviser.
  11. The older of the vice-principals.
  12. Name of the retiring Winnada adviser.
March 19, 2021 crossword
March 19, 2021 crossword


  1. He will replace Mrs. Grady in Spanish next year and is currently a Biology teacher.
  2. A new one was just installed on the football field.
  3. Recently committed to play football at EOU. (2 wds.)
  4. The principal.
  5. He’s been teaching English for over twenty years.
  6. Name of the new librarian.
    Use the clues to fill in the words. Words can go across or down. Letters are shared when the words intersect.

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