Caden Stovall shows dedication on and off the field

Caden Stovall shows dedication on and off the field

By Josie Jenkins Posted October 10, 2023

Caden Stovall was chosen for Student-Athlete of the Week by JV football coach Mr. Andrew Jensen. Stovall is a hardworking student who has shown great improvement over this season.

“Mr. Consistent,  Caiden is a dedicated athlete who is still relatively new to the sport of football,” said Jensen.

Stovall has shown many people that he is very driven to success. The JV team and Stovall, have had a a great time getting to know each other and forming strong bonds while taking wins throughout the season.

“The community creates how much of a bond not only do we make in the team, but throughout, our community,” Stovall said.

Stoval is an inspiration to the team while also a coachable player.

“However he is coachable, driven, and seeks to improve daily,” said Jensen. “In addition to his drive, he is a high-class teammate who seeks to assist anyone on and off the field.”  

Stoval has a high degree of integrity, in school and on the field.

“I think our season has been pretty solid, you know the teams doing great, I think it’s pretty nice,” said Stovall.

Stovall has been a great player while being so new to the sport, he is a pleasure to teach and to coach.