Callie Lombardi helps prepare shop for students 

Callie Lombardi helps prepare shop for students 

By Keira Garner Posted September 17, 2022

For this week’s CTE, Ms. Jennifer Montero chose Callie Lombardi who is a Teacher’s Aide this year and has been in an automotive class for several years as a student. 

Lombardi is an essential part of Montero’s class.

“She has already done a fantastic job of helping me continue to renovate the shop getting it ready for my automotive classes,” said Montero. “Callie pays close attention to detail and is very self-motivated. I really enjoy seeing my students progress and mature as they transition to high school. Seeing them use the skills I taught them in class is the most rewarding part of my job as a teacher.”

Lombardi enjoys Montero’s class and how learning environment. 

“Being with Mrs. Montero is great. While being in her class it is important to remember to pay attention and if you stay on task you can become successful,” said Lombardi.