Danielle Scott and her tremendous efforts

Danielle Scott and her tremendous efforts

By Ariana Lee Rothe Posted October 17, 2023

Danielle shows up every day to volleyball practice and always gives 110%.

“She is showing a lot of improvement and she gets everything,” said Jenkins. “She gives everything that she has during the time that she is with us on the court.”

Scott likes volleyball and has a lot of fun being around her teammates. Scott says that her team always works together and always maintains their energy.

“The team got better and better over the course of the year even when people were missing,” said Scott. “They worked hard to make up the gaps.”

Scott tries her best to keep her team on the same page and always supports everyone.

“I’m always trying to keep the team together and cheer everyone on at games even when I’m not on the court,” said Scott. 

Danielle is constantly trying to improve her skills while playing and at practices.

“My serves are inconsistent in a way where I have really good days, and others where I can’t do it,” said Scott. “I’m always trying to make sure that I’m more consistent and reliable.”