Natalie Sevon is Student of the Week for science 

Natalie Sevon is Student of the Week for science 

By Yoandy Ruiz Posted October 16, 2023

Natalie Sevon was named  Student of the Week by Eastman, “She’s been doing an excellent job in class and she’s usually the first one done with her assignments and tests, and her grades are excellent,” Eastman said. 

Eastman points out that Sevon gets her work done. But besides that, she is never messing around, and she’s always paying attention.

“She not only puts forth 100% effort during class she also participates in all class discussions outside of the graded work,” said Eastman.

Eastman certainly thinks about how helpful Sevon can be during class.

“She helps her peers with homework if they need it, she’s just always engaged,” Eastman explained. 

Sevon significantly picks some parts of the school that she enjoys, like for example

Her peers, and how she often finds herself getting along with many other students at Lowry High,

“I like how everyone gets along most of the time,” said Sevon.

Her favorite part of Eastman’s classroom environment is the class’s simplicity and her classmates. She enjoys being able to work while having kind people around her. 

“It’s pretty chill in his class and we don’t have to do much,” said Sevon. “All the people in there are chill and aren’t rude.”