Donovan Walker stands out on the field

Donovan Walker stands out on the field

By Yizel Martinez Posted October 3, 2023

Donovan Walker was chosen as Student-Athlete of the Week by varsity football coach Taua Cabatbat for his outstanding job on the field.

Walker has balanced school work and football and even though this may seem tough for some, Walker has managed to show perseverance and leadership over all out on the field. Walker hoped for the season as he and his teammates worked hard all together.

“For the most part we’re doing really good, our effort could be up a little bit more but overall the team is doing alright,” said Walker.

Walker also says that there are many accomplishments that he is proud of this season.

“It’s going really good, a lot of things we could improve on, pretty happy about it so far,” said Walker. “I made varsity as a sophomore, pretty proud of that, I’m all starting defense and offense so that’s a pretty big accomplishment.”

Coach Cabatbat explained that Walker not only shows good sportsmanship with his teammates but he does an outstanding job on the field and works hard.

“He just puts in a lot of time to get better, works hard at practice, he is a significant contributor and really helps out our defensive line, he is overall a good leader,” said Cabatbat.