Autum Sanchez excels in English

Autum Sanchez excels in English

By Alexa Toscano Posted October 6, 2023

Autum Sanchez was selected as English Student of the Week by her teacher Ms. Kelly Bales for her English IV. She has had Sanchez in her classroom for about two years. 

“She always goes above and beyond every time she hands in work,” said Bales. “It’s always to the highest level she turns in anything late.”  

Punctuality is a very rare characteristic for someone as young as Autumn to have having it in her life has helped her become more organized and responsible. As of now, Sanchez is focusing on working on her senior portfolio which includes her résumé as well as her writing pieces to help her prepare for her senior interview.

“Autum is a hard worker who always strives to do her best on every assignment, test, or essay she is very kind to her fellow classmates and willing to assist them if they need help,” said Bales

Apart from being an excellent student, Sanchez is also an athlete. She manages to maintain academic success while also balancing a sport. Sanchez enjoys the class because of how good Ms. Bales is as a teacher she also enjoys all the freedom that she gets for her assignments. 

“My favorite part of this subject is the creativeness that comes with it,” said Sanchez. 

Throughout her final year, she hopes to achieve many goals including to maintain an A throughout the entire year and to keep working hard no matter the situation. But also wants to have fun and to not overwork herself throughout her final year.