Juan Mendoza recognized for his silent leadership

Juan Mendoza recognized for his silent leadership

By Madalynn Tagle Posted October 6, 2023

A new athlete to Scott Santos, Juan Mendoza, is recognized for his scores of involvement in the freshman football team. Mendoza shows his devotion to football by always working hard at practice.

“Juan shows up each day and puts his full effort into every drill and every play,” said Santos. 

Due to his attendance and hard-working attitude, Mendoza has developed various skills that make him a reliable leader for the team. 

“Leadership is how I contribute to my team,” said Mendoza. “I try my best to motivate and inspire the other players on the team”.

Although the season has been challenging for the team, Mendoza has maintained a positive mindset which benefits his skills, teammates, and leadership role. 

“Juan is always developing his skills to find ways to make a greater contribution to his team and this program and maintains a positive athlete through it all, ” said Santos.

While this is Mendoza’s first year of high school, he has been pushing himself to improve his and the team’s skills.

“I’m starting to understand what I have to do to improve,” said Mendoza. “I work my hardest to reach perfection within my abilities”.