Having a job isn’t for all, but can lead to important life lessons

By Hana Etcheverry Posted April 20, 2011

There has always been the question of whether a high school student should go to school, play sports, and maintain a job. Parents pretty much make that call. Few parents say you should just play sports and work when you really have to, but in reality, we are going to be working our whole life so why not get a good start while we are young? That way we will have a good work ethic by the time it really matters.

Some of the jobs students maintain while in school are bussing/waiting, babysitting, tapestry, embroidery, nursery workers, taking pictures, and sometimes even working at the mines.

Sophomore, Madison Waldie works as a waitress at Third Street Bistro

”I love my job, I am able to interact with strangers, and the money is good,” said Waldie. “I make a set hourly wage and my favorite part of working there is being able to give directions to people passing through Winnemucca, to the best restaurants and places to see.”

Macy Alvarez works as a Courtesy Clerk at Khoury’s

“I enjoy my job since I am so friendly I am able to get along with even the worst customers,” said Alvarez. “I also enjoy just being able to help people, whether it’s taking groceries to people’s cars, or helping people find something throughout the store.”

Maintaining a job in high school is very important to your future success, and when you have had numerous jobs in high school it makes it easier for other jobs to pull references. I believe students should be able to juggle maintaining a job, going to school, and doing their extracurricular activities. 

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