Interview with Mrs. Goicoechea

Interview with Mrs. Goicoechea

By Milo Kennedy Posted June 4, 2007

After having served as Vice Principal at Lowry High School for four years, Mrs. Goicoechea has decided to retire. She has been a huge part of the school and will be missed dearly by everybody.

When asked what her most memorable LHS moment was she replied, “Seeing my first class of fourth-graders from the Grammar School graduate my first year here.”

When asked what her greatest accomplishment was she answered, “Nothing as an individual but as being a part of an effective administrative team that was able to enhance and improve student learning.”

Upon being asked if she was proud of this accomplishment she answered, “Yes, the relationships that were formed with the kids, the families, and the staff were all something to be proud of.” “Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?” “No, it has been a great experience and a new challenge.” Being asked what her favorite part of her everyday work was she simply replied, “Student contact.”

Mrs. Goicoechea is a very proud Buckaroo and the part that gives her the most pride is “The committed teachers and staff and the accomplishments of our students.”

One lesson that she has learned as an administrator at LHS is “To patiently work with professional educators to implement change.” And when finally asked if there was any advice she wished to give to the new upcoming administration she answered, “Keep the candy jar filled.”

Mrs. Goicoechea has been one of the most influential people to work in our school and has done her best to make it the best place possible. She has worked many hard hours, days and nights. With her leaving will come many memories of things she has done for our school. 

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