Kenison has bright future as jumper for Buckaroo track

Kenison has bright future as jumper for Buckaroo track

By Jovi Anderson Posted April 21, 2023

Track can be a very difficult sport at times which makes its members very hard-working and determined. Out of the boy’s track team, Brent Kenison was chosen as the Student-Athlete of the Week.

Mr. Byron Jeppsen, one of the coaches for track this season, chose Kenison because he is a hard-working teammate and does his best at practices and meets.

“He’s hard-working and very athletic with his ability to jump,” said Jeppsen. “He performed very well in several events at the Freshman-Sophomore meet we went to last week.”

Although there are many events in track such as pole vault, sprints, and much more, Kenison enjoys one the most.

“I mostly enjoy the jumping event in track,” said Kenison.

Coach Jeppsen has known Kenison for most of his life.

“I have known Brent since he was in 1st grade as I was his principal at Grass Valley Elementary,” said Jeppsen.

Jeppsen enjoys coaching track because of the improvement and growth its members make.

“I like to see the improvement that hard-working athletes show throughout the year and through the years as they participate in track,” said Jeppsen.

According to Kenison, if you want to do track you should do two events.

“If you’re interested in track you should do jumping events and you should try pole vaulting,” said Kenison. 

Along with track, Kenison plays one other sport. He also has goals this year to make regionals.

“My goal for this season is to make regionals,” said Kenison. “I’ve been in track for a year now, and I play basketball for the school too.”