Lowry High united, the Spartans lost the fight

Lowry High united, the Spartans lost the fight

By Madison Waldie Posted October 18, 2011

It’s the first week of October and Lowry High School is in commotion for the week of Homecoming. Students from all classes showed their Buckaroo spirit by decking out for Black Out Day, Sports Day, Pajama Day, Nerd Day, and of course Blue and Gold Day.

With the willpower to continue on a path to a perfect season, the Buckaroos varsity football team had the support of most of the student body for the events leading up to the big game on Friday night.

On Monday, October 3, Lowry had their first pep assembly of the year and it was fun for everyone. Leadership had all types of activities for the students to perform. The Grand Marshall was awarded to Mrs. Dawson. She works very hard for the whole student body to ensure that all events like homecoming go smoothly and include the whole student body in the fun activities that are planned. Mrs. Dawson was pleasantly surprised when she was informed that the Leadership class had chosen her to represent Lowry for the week of homecoming as our Grand Marshall, and showed her love to the students, faculty members, and school that she adores.

Senior Madi Gonzalez, junior Michael Billingsley, sophomore Carly Bell, and freshmen Kyle Tarr, participated in a class competition for class points and the seniors prevailed. The Lowry High School varsity dance team did an upbeat routine to a mix of popular songs from the year and got the student body pumped up for the week ahead.

Lunchtime activities were held all week long to give students the opportunity to compete for and earn class points. There was a Spartan Shootout, involving throwing darts at the Spartan Mascot, a tug-o-war contest, and an archery contest but the most memorable for the students of Lowry was the Battle of the Spartans. This game consisted of two brave men going to battle against each other with duct-taped swords fighting till the fake death of the other opponent.

The four brave young lads representing their class were Hiram Howel (senior), Trystan Blouir (junior), Kirk Berensten (sophomore), Blake Hillyer (freshmen). In the first duel, Hiram crossed swords with the one and only Kirk Berensten, the battle was not very long due to the experience of Hiram’s sword skills. Trystan faced off against Blake, Trystan showed great strength toward freshmen hopeful Blake Hillyer as Blouir pulled out a victory for the juniors in the first round. The two Spartans in the final death match were Trystan and Hiram, the battle was long and painful for the two brave men. Trystan ended up winning Battle of the Spartans and gaining points for the junior class.

The week was ended with an extravagant Blue and Gold Pep Assembly. The student body was loud, proud, and going buck wild. The Varsity and J.V. cheerleaders did a combined routine that really got the crowd pumped for the big game against Spring Creek. Then all the football teams were introduced by Mr. Billingsley. Currently, the freshmen are 1-4, J.V. is 7-0, and Varsity is 7-0. They played an astounding slide show of the varsity team’s hardest and biggest hits and plays of the season so far.

“We are Lowry High School, and we have one of the best Varsity football teams in the state,” said Billingsley.
Homecoming week was ended under the Friday night lights at Jerry Tobin Football Field with the Homecoming football game and royalty ceremony. Candace Comeau, Julia Dufferena, and Kenzie McKlintick were the homecoming queen candidates and Chase Estes, Ryan Kracaw, and Jace Billingsley were up for homecoming king.

The candidates were brought onto the field on a hay wagon behind Clydesdales, after the presentation of the flags on horseback. As their favorite memories and their heroes were being read aloud for the crowd to hear, students in the stands reflected on the many years spent with these six friends, peers, and co-workers. The crowd then gave a standing ovation to the 2011 Homecoming King and Queen, Jace Billingsley and Candace Comeau. The game was back to action and the crowd was going crazy despite the cold weather. On Saturday night, the students gave a farewell to Homecoming 2011 with a dance in the new gym.

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