November is a time of change

By Yezenia Diaz Posted November 15, 2006

November is a time of change, the change from fall to winter, but we at Lowry are constantly busy and up to date.

Leadership has outdone itself this month. The halls are more cheery and welcoming than ever. Student Council has put jokes in the hallway to brighten up wandering eyes, and locker decorations add a little surprise to the lucky person who gets one. Three lockers are chosen at random each week for this entire month. Decorations are very creative as we try to outdo ourselves with every locker. Honor Society helped out the senior citizens

By raking their leaves on November 10. This service called “you’ve been raked” was a total success and many showed up to lend a hand. Honor Society is also selling candy grams for Christmas for a friendly surprise.

There are a couple of new things about the Hispanic Organization from last year. There are new advisors, Mr. Sean Wilson and Mr. Gibson, and the group is having elections for offices soon. For Homecoming the Hispanic Organization was involved in the window painting and poster contest. The Hispanic Organization has planned to window paint at the Christian Lake Ministries for Thanksgiving and Christmas; the date isn’t planned yet but is going to be soon.

The Natural Helpers have scheduled a toy drive to help this holiday season, starting November 27 through December 11.

Basketball officially started on Monday November 13. Many new changes were made and not just new athletes but new coaches. All, but the freshmen girls’ team, with Coach Shaun Murgel, and the freshmen boys’ team, with coach Taua Cabatbat, have new coaches.

The boys’ new varsity coach is Mr. Lords, who three years ago was coaching the freshmen boys’ basketball team. He is not new to Lowry’s basketball program but is new to the varsity level. Coach Woodland is the girls’ new varsity coach. Coach Woodland is on a one-year leave from coaching the girls’ basketball team at B.Y.U in Idaho to coach our girls’ varsity team.

The boys’ J.V. coach is Mr. Watterson, who happens to be a Lowry 2003 graduate. He does not have any prior coaching experience, but did play at Lowry. And then there is our own Mrs. Darlene Millikan coaching the girls’ J.V. team. Coach Millikan is currently teaching at Lowry and accepted this position as her first high school level coaching. But coaching is not new to her; Mrs. Millikan coached for the boys’ WYBA for 5 years and at K-12 summer basketball camps. When asked how she feels, she responded

By saying she is both “thrilled and shaken.”

There are many things going on at Lowry and it is our privilege to be a part of them, so let’s get involved and keep the Buckaroo Spirit alive! Happy Holidays from your Leadership students.

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