Open Your Eyes: What Role do school clubs and teams play in your life?

Open Your Eyes: What Role do school clubs and teams play in your life?

By Alora McClure Posted March 4, 2022

When you think of the high school experience, what first comes to mind? Are they life-changing games? Or Is it the overnight trips you take for various activities? Could it be the memories you make with your teammates or your club members? The clubs and teams you participate in when you are in high school can help you with many things throughout the four years of high school and beyond.

The clubs and teams that you partake in during your high school years have many possibilities. If you are into sports something is going on at any time in the year. The boys have football, basketball, wrestling, cross country, baseball, golf, soccer, swimming, and track. The girls have volleyball, soccer, dance, cheer, golf, basketball, softball, cross country, track, and swim. You could do things like the French Club, FFA, FBLA, Pep Band, etc. if you do not like sports. With these extracurricular activities, you gain lifelong friendships. The reason that this happens is you bond over a common thing. Most of the people that start these clubs and sports as freshmen will continue throughout the four years.

Some of the extracurricular activities are formed when you are in a class. For example, if you take choir as one of your classes, then you have the chance to do things like honor choir or All-State. You also can take the sports medicine class and learn things about things to do with kinesiology. Sports medicine is one of the classes that will help you if you are interested in jobs that are to do with kinesiology.

Another thing that extracurriculars play in your life is that they help get you into college in a way. Think about it, if you excel at one of the teams or clubs you can get scholarships that will help you pay for college. 63% of all undergraduates receive at least one grant or scholarship. 76.7% of full-time undergraduates receive a grant or scholarship. 47% of all grants and scholarships come from the federal government. That is a large number of students who get academic scholarships.

All of the advantages that extracurriculars have are great, but they require an immense amount of hard work and dedication. To participate in these activities, you have to keep your grades up and attend meetings or practices. If you don’t follow the guidelines or break any of the rules you can be subject to being removed from the teams. Hence the roles school clubs and teams play in your life have great effects on your high school experiences.