Replace the replacement officials

Replace the replacement officials

By Omar Guerrero Posted October 10, 2012

Sunday is a day when Americans all get together turn on their TVs and watch football. Football is the most-watched and most popular sport in America by far. We love the game and are die heart fans but when you have replacement referees that decide the outcome on a blown call of a win or a loss there are going to be some problems.

The owners and NFL officials were in a stalemate with agreeing on a fair deal for both sides. This epidemic was affecting the entire NFL from players and coaches to fans and their views on the game. This problem with officiating helped no one and just caused mayhem. The replacement officials were, however, trying their best but they are just not qualified and ready to handle the high speed of the NFL. These officials were brought up from DIII colleges and high schools and asked to officiate at the highest level of the sport. It’s a tough position to be in for the replacement officials, you have to make difficult calls, get chewed out by the coaches and players and most of all take criticism weekend and week out from everyone. The NFL players took this very big problem to Twitter, to express how they feel and none of the comments were good.

 @reggie_bush tweeted, “refs single-handedly blew this one…” in response to the ending of the Green Bay vs. Seattle game.
Green Bay Packers vs. the Seattle Seahawks was the last straw for everyone. The score was 12-7 with time expiring the Seahawks threw up a prayer to win the game. About five different players go up to catch it and Golden Tate the Seahawks wide receiver pushes a Packer defender down goes up for the ball and Jennings the Packer defender hauls in the ball with both hands and brings it to his chest while Golden Tate is underneath him holding on to the ball with one arm extended.

You would think they would give the interception to Jennings, but one official signals touchdown while the other official signals touchback, so there was major confusion. They reviewed the play and still ruled it a touchdown. This problem has been the topic of sports for a while and has finally been fixed.

 The NFL and the officials have recently come to an eight-year contract agreement and football will now be played how it’s meant to be played. The integrity of the game is no longer in question.