SK8 Clean seeks to clean up local skate park

SK8 Clean seeks to clean up local skate park

By Jaren Cornwall Posted January 1, 2011

“Sk8 Clean is a local organization of residential riders who share a vision of what the Skate Park used to be,” says the SK8 Clean Facebook page. This accurately describes the mission of SK8 clean, to bring the skate park back to a state of safety and fun for everyone.

Started by a group of local skaters, SK8 Clean aims to give parents confidence that they can send their kids to the skate park without the fear that they will be exposed to negative influences. While their most basic objective is a clean, trash-free skate park, SK8 Clean is also taking and initiative against violence, gang activity, vandalism, and the drug trade at the Winnemucca skate park.

“SK8 Clean is an organization to keep the skate park clean and drug-free. We just do our part, pick up the trash, and skate respectfully for all the little kids to kind of be role models,” said Cameron White, a member of skate clean.

They hope to install cameras and get the Winnemucca Police Dept involved in reducing the danger of drug exposure and violence for everyone, especially the younger users of the skate park. Also, SK8 clean has long-term plans to expand the area of the skate park in order to create a less crowded skate park. When asked about what he thought of SK8 Clean, regular skater Gabe Mercado said, “I think SK8 Clean is great! I really like what they’re doing in the community. I particularly like that they’re trying to keep the skate park clean, and safe for the community. I really hope they reach their goals because the skate park really is in need of an overhaul.”

In taking these initiatives they hope to prove to the community that not all skaters are “punk vandals” as stated on their Facebook page, “We want to install cameras in hopes to prove to the City of Winnemucca that the ones who use and respect the park appreciate it enough to not destroy it.”

To support and promote SK8 Clean, their merchandise is up for sale over at Bikes and More near the public library.

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