Student work on display at Art/CTE show

Student work on display at Art/CTE show

By Ariana Perez Posted June 9, 2022

Every year lowry hosts the CTE & Art Showcase.

These showcases show the amazing creations created by fellow Lowry High students that show off their talent in Art, Construction, Auto, or even Welding.

This year, many different art pieces were showcased. For example hand and face sculptures, paintings, murals, and even grills.

Students had the opportunity to display their pieces to show what they’ve been working on in class this school year.

Junior Gillian Finn has had a lot of experience with art throughout her high school career.

“It’s my third year I’m doing it next year, I took Art I my freshman, Art 2 my sophomore and I’m in Advanced and I’m a junior,” said Finn.

Finn had a variety of pieces on display this year and specifically had the most fun doing abstract pieces.

“I have two artist choice pieces and a mural and I have a thermal body painting,” said Finn. “I think abstract art would be my favorite thing in the whole entire world.”

These art showcases not only allow students to show off their work but also give them a bit of a confidence boost.

Finn expressed how having her art shown at the showcase makes her feel.

“It makes me proud it gives me a confidence boost if that makes any sense,” said Finn. “I always think that my art isn’t necessarily like something to be put up like it’s not good enough but like when I see it up I’m like ‘oh hey people actually like this.”

Finn also shares that as an artist she is very critical of herself, and can also see the same behavior in other artists as well.

“Yeah Super Critical of myself, yeah I think so,” said Finn. “ I think usually people who do art are really super critical to themselves; they don’t think that their pieces are as good as they are.”

Not only can this showcase artists’ creativity; it can be an opportunity for new students to see what goes on in the school.

Mrs. Danielle Buckelew, a CLS Aide, decided the CTE and Art showcase was a perfect thing to show the new incoming CLS students.

“So what we do is we give them a complete tour showing them where things like the cafeteria is, where the theater is, where the classrooms are, where the gym is so that they get a good sense of what their high school experience is going to be,” said Buckelew.

Buckelew decides to close the tour with the art and CTE art show.

“We cap it off with the CTE and Art Showcase so that after they’ve done the whole tour of the school they have kinda a happy little cool thing to land on and get to see all the art and appreciate how really wide open the school is,” said Buckelew.