Students tour mines to learn about future careers

Students tour mines to learn about future careers

By Hayden Case Posed June 4, 2022

This year around 40 students were able to attend a mine tour of four different area mines including Coeur Rochester, Florida Canyon, Marigold, and Turquoise Ridge.

Career Center coordinator, Mrs. Cherese Fifeild was able to attend the trip to Coeur Rochester.

“My favorite feature was seeing the kids get a better understanding of how the mine works,” said Fifield. “Seeing when they left and came back that they actually learned something.”

Thomas Moser was a student who also attended this trip, he enjoyed seeing people make money doing what they love, and he was also able to learn a lot more about what goes on behind closed doors.

“I took away realizing that mining is a lot more complicated than I thought,” said Moser.