Tech Review: Apple iPad

Tech Review: Apple iPad

By Megan Griggs Posted February 10, 2010

Apple has done it again, with the debut of the Apple iPad, their latest form of computer. With the sleek look and similar to the layout of the iPhone, the iPad really looks like an oversized phone. Sure Apple has been known for pioneering further into the technology scene, but almost a day after the iPad came out there were tons of bad reviews on it.

First of all the iPad is completely handheld, and supposed to be hauled around like a clipboard, so that makes it hard to type or look up things on the go. The iPad’s inability to multi-task also adds to its downfall, so you can’t browse the web while using an instant-messaging app to chat with friends.

Although there are multiple reasons and reviews on why the iPad isn’t worth your time, of course, there are some pros to the computer. Its ability to view web pages in larger size makes readability and the quality of pictures amazing. And just like its cousin the iPhone the iPad has over 140,000 cool apps available for download.

Basically, the iPad is like having a phone and computer all wrapped into one, the only difference is you can’t place calls. One cool app that was added to the iPad is the iBook feature, which allows you to download and virtually read books on your computer. Another thing that makes the iPad worth the money is that it is equipped with multitouch and up to 10 hours of battery life. So if you’re into all that high-tech new technology, then it looks like the iPad is perfect for you, and with a low price tag of only $499, it’s also affordable.

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