The end of another year means goodbye to some

The end of another year means goodbye to some

By Mackie Grady Posted June 4, 2020

As another school year comes to an end, some teachers decide to retire as some decide to just start their teaching career.

This year, Ms. Heather Patterson who retired in February has since then moved out of town and is enjoying retirement. She had taught girls PE and Health.

“She taught here at Lowry for 25 years and served as our PE and Health teacher and taught our SAIP courses for athletics,” said Lowry principlal Mr. Ray Parks.

While there was still the rest of the school year, Patterson had a long term sub to finish out the school year. Now with school coming to an end, the administration decided they needed to fill positions.

Mr. Sean Whelan, the current Band & Choir Teacher is leaving, no replacement has been found as of yet.

Patterson will be replaced in Health and Physical Education by Mr. Calvin Connors.

Ms. Heather Patterson./Courtesy • Winnada
Ms. Heather Patterson./Courtesy • Winnada

This year Connors taught Biology but now will be teaching in a new department.

Connors is a graduate of LHS and earned his degree at Eastern Oregon University.

“I have my Masters Degree in Physical Education/Health from Eastern Oregon University (Go Mounties). My passions revolve around fitness and healthy eating habits in order to maintain a positive lifestyle both physically and mentally,” said Connors.

Connors hopes to provide an educational but fun environment for his students.

“Being able to educate young adults on the proper ways to live a healthy lifestyle will be a fun and exciting experience,” said Connors. “Physical Education isn’t necessarily a glamorous subject, but in order to live a long and healthy life students need to understand what avenues to take in order to do so. I am 100% confident I will provide that for them.”

Connors is excited to teach a new subject along with some of his past teachers.

Mr. Calvin Connors working hard./Alesha Houston • Lowry Digital Media
Mr. Calvin Connors working hard./Alesha Houston • Lowry Digital Media

“I feel very excited and lucky to have the opportunity to teach PE/Health at Lowry High School,” said Connors. “When I attended Lowry as a student, I was lucky to have Mr. [Taua] Cabatbat and Mr. [Tyrell] Lucas as coaches and teachers. I’m excited to now work alongside them in the Physical Education Department.”

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