Thinking like the rest

By Karen Esparza Posted December 18, 2013

Since its founding in 1976, Apple Inc. has set the standard for consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The famous and former CEO, the late Steve Jobs, prided himself on clean, chic, and trademark designs that transformed Apple products into must-haves. After Jobs’ death in 2011, the company experienced many setbacks including the embarrassing incident with the Maps App on the iPhone, where customers received distorted maps and ludicrous directions. This was all caused by the fact that Apple decided it was too frugal for Google.

The highly anticipated launch of iOS7 was also a letdown when customers were required to give up at least 3GB to even download the operating system. This iOS is the most radical display change that Apple products have undergone since 2007. Just days after its release, the complaints started to pile on: many users were experiencing dizziness due to the phone’s new animations. Others said iOS7 drained their battery faster than before, and iMessages that appeared as sent never actually arrived. But, the one thing that bothers me most is the new iOS looks like one that would appear in a Galaxy.

No doubt Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave as he watches Tim Cook imitate the material of other companies. Apple products are supposed to be different, I buy an iPhone because it’s different and simpler to manage. If the company continues down this route, there will be nothing that makes its products unique. Soon there won’t be “2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apples”, there will be just people who use computers.