We’re done; we’ve won; were the class of 2021

We’re done; we’ve won; were the class of 2021

By Araceli Galarza Posted June 10, 2021

In the class of 2021, nothing exciting really happened. We weren’t around for the mercury spill, we weren’t at the high school when the famous senior prank that left kids not being able to walk happened. It was hard watching all these exciting things happen and not being a part of them, a very serious case of FOMO if I do say so myself. Then suddenly we were a part of something and everything changed as the whole world did.

Growing up is something that everyone looks forward to, and as the senior year approaches, one begins to understand that many things will slowly but surely come to a halt. While the class of 2021 expected to say bye to many, they didn’t expect to have their last during their junior year.

On March 12, 2020, Governor Sisolak declared a state of emergency and locked down Nevada. The students rejoiced they would get an extra-long spring break and have more time to spend with their friends. The good vibes didn’t last long because four days after the state of emergency was called, Nevada had its first COVID-related death.

Everyone had hoped that things would get back to normal within a couple of months and everyone could go back to school. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The rest of junior year was taken, but no big deal because things would be back to normal when the class of 2021 came back for their senior year in the fall.

Once again, hopes were high and came crashing down. This year was an incredibly crazy one. Much like the class before us, we were robbed of our senior year or at least half. COVID-19 ended up taking away these lasts. As seniors, we didn’t get our first last day, our previous homecoming, or Winterfest, and we didn’t get our assemblies that came with these.

Layne Barela expressed his confusion with COVID. He wasn’t sure what school would be like coming back.

“I was really confused,” said Barela. “ I wasn’t sure how we were going to come back. I wasn’t sure how we were going to come back and do our work or our final tests and if we were going to even come back this year.”

Unfortunately, not everyone that started this journey got to finish it. As a class, we’ve lost a few. Angelica Grace Guzman, unfortunately, passed before she was able to walk across the stage and get her diploma. Her mother, Ryan Borman, believes Angelica would offer advice to the senior class she was meant to graduate with.

“Live each day like it’s your last and take nothing for granted. Always strive to turn your dreams into your reality. Love. Love so much that it hurts,” said Borman.

Angelica is deeply missed, graduation won’t be the same without her, but the class of 2021 is grateful to do it for her.

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