Young Democrats debate Young Republicans

Young Democrats debate Young Republicans

By Mary Granath Posted November 6, 2008

On Tuesday, October 28, the Young Democrats and the Young Republicans faced off in a heated debate. The Young Republicans were represented by Chase Sortor, Jayme Poole, and Nathan Betteridge. Kole Kracaw and Amy Balagna represented the Young Democrats.

“I think both sides stated what both sides felt and I think they did very well,” said Ms. Christy Bell, advisor of the Young Republicans.

Mr. Jeff Setzer, an English teacher at Lowry, moderated the debate.

“All the students did an amazing job,” said Setzer, “they answered the questions intelligently and responsibly.”

The debate consisted of eleven questions, three of which were on foreign policy and eight of which were on domestic issues. The two teams alternated between who answered the question first. Each team was allotted two minutes to respond to the question and whichever team began the question was allowed a one-minute rebuttal.

“I think the majority of the debate was dominated by the Republicans,” stated observer Trevin Jarret. However, others disagreed. “I’d say the Democrats did pretty good, we did swell,” said Adam Grey, an avid spectator.

Just like a sporting event, the debate required teamwork.

“I was extremely satisfied with the support the Republicans gave one another and [the support] the Democrats gave one another,” said Sortor.

Bell agreed saying, “I think all five kids did a great job.”

The debate was certainly a success and may prove an exciting event again in coming years.

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