Academic assembly-A night at the Oscars

Academic assembly-A night at the Oscars

By Nic Velasquez Posted May 30, 2012

Lowry High School’s Assembly of Excellence took place on May 5, 2012. As the largest edition of the assembly thus far, students received over 800 awards total. With the theme being changed every year, this year’s edition was an Oscar/Hollywood theme. Each student that was to receive an award was forced to submit to wearing an assembly of excellence t-shirt.

The awards flowed out the entire assembly with short intermissions of multiple cultural dances including Basque and Mexican dances, along with a ballerina type performance.

Awards were given out to the top ten students of each class. The top ten seniors were; Melanie Vance, Bryan Noble, Clarissa Conn, Sean Whitlock, Megan Guild, Andy Martinez, Jessica Rackley, and Dusty Thiede with the top two seniors being Brandon Eastman and Jessica Villarreal who received a check for a thousand dollars. For the juniors it was; Riata Kull, Carli Evatz, Sarah Gillespie, Madi Mitch, Baby Face, Marion House, Cortney Kieser, Matthew Ruehl, Chipindale Pollock, and Michael Billingsley. Top ten sophomores were; Nate Eldodt, Kelsey Laker, Rachel Sigurdson, Joseba Criswell, Taylor Schwartz, Jasmin Landa, Chris Kitras, Maeve Donovan, Amaya Davis, and Suhani Bhakta. Last but not least, the top ten freshmen were; Sabrina Jensen, Emma Kracaw, Brycen Prokasky, Donovan Brumm, Auri Criddle, Colin Doyle, Chris Tyree, Josh Rose, Thomas Schwartz, and Alyssa Dendary.

There were a handful of presidential fitness awards given out to Alexia Victoria, Alondra Duenas, Cecily Snow, Danielle Ricker, Emma Kracaw, Jocelyn Gutierrez, Mckenzie Maddox, Meg Montero, Sarah Smith, Shannon Munk, Sierra Gleason, and Vickey Mendoza.

A special award was given out to two students as the most inspirational students of the year. Those students were Ramon Heredia and Berenice Lopez.

Medallions were given out to the most outstanding student in every subject. Kayla Doyle received a medallion for outstanding foreign language, along with Marie Elise-Kitras who also received the social studies one. Overall art went to Anna Mellen. The medallion for business and computers went to Brandon Eastman and he received the science one also. The CTE medallion was given to Quinn Norcutt. Overall English went to Sean Whitlock. The physical education medallion was awarded to Bryan Noble. Hiram Howell received the one for overall music. Overall leadership medallion was awarded to Julia Dufurrena.

Four hundred dollar bonds were also given out as the overall students of each subject. The students that received the English awards were Jonathan Landa and Maria-Elise Kitras. The students that received the overall science bonds were Brandon Eastman and Jessica Villarreal. The students that received the math bond were Sean Whitlock and Jessica Villarreal. Overall Agriculture was Ashley Buckingham and Dusty Thiede. Overall art was Emily Swindle. Overall drama award went to Chase Estes. Overall auto technology went to Bryan Noble and Quinn Norcutt.

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