Dos and Don’ts: Randomosity

By Miranda Buttram and Savannah McDade Posted January 12, 2011

Do jumping jacks prior to brushing your teeth (never after).

Don’t put a CD in the microwave… I am not sure what will happen but it does not seem like a clever scheme.

Do flush your grimy video game discs in the toilet for cleaning purposes only (it works wonders).

Don’t dry your shirt and THEN wash it, it is a waste of economic resources.

Do blast Devo in your yellow hatch-back Pinto while wearing a flower pot on your head, it is inspirational for a few and interesting for all.

Don’t be a dinglefritz… or, do, it is an entertaining noun.

Do drink coffee… lots and lots of coffee.

Don’t sport the Hammer pants, they are not, nor should ever come back in style.

Don’t steal live lobsters from a grocery store/ restaurant/anywhere! It is far too humiliating to be caught… and you will get caught… common sense.

Don’t wear shorts, it’s January!

Do buy snow tires… A very smart investment.

Don’t watch reality TV, it is actually scripted but they don’t want us to know.

Do make sure you figure out what you are doing for your college education, otherwise, you will be scrambling last minute, and that isn’t fun.

Do at least pretend that you found this list amusing, or you will be fined ten dollars.

Don’t attempt anything on this list that may be harmful to yourself or others, if you do, something will happen.

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