Grady and Criddle given prestigious awards

By Mary Granath Posted May 20, 2010

Recently Mrs. Tanya Grady and Mr. Paul Criddle were given awards based on their commitment to Lowry and its students.

Grady was named advisor of the year for Leadership. Her award was presented to her at the State Leadership Conference in Spring Creek.

“Mrs. Grady she affects all of Lowry because obviously as being a part of the leadership team they plan the assemblies, they work on school spirit, they do so many things that help us have fun at school and I think that’s really important,” stated Lowry Principal Deborah Watts.

Criddle’s award was for Music Educator of the Year. It was presented to him at the All-State Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Mr. Criddle has affected all of the district because all of the students who learn music, either vocal or instrumental, come to him and he hones and refines their skills and he helps them produce beautiful music… I think he’s truly appreciated by everybody in the district. I think Mr. Criddle is very well loved by students and adults alike and he’s a wonderful educator,” said Watts.

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