Headband controversy?

By Camille Lyon Posted April 22, 2009

A new trend for our generation is the stylish headband. For the various dress up days many wore headbands in a variety of colors, but to their dismay, they were told to remove them because it was against the dress code or it was “gang-related.”

My problem with this: why should it be against the dress code? Shouldn’t we be focusing our attention on revealing clothes rather than a hair accessory? “Gang-related” clothing should not be permitted but within proper judgment. A headband can be used to keep hair out of the face, and it can add color to an outfit; not to make a statement about a certain affiliation.

I will be a good student and comply with the dress code, but I will still wonder why. Many wear headbands across their foreheads for a hippie look, so how is the hippie look representing something controversial such as gangs. Headbands are not proving anything to students besides giving the same effect as a necklace or belt. Students with pink sparkly headbands are being told to take them off because they are once again “gang-related.” The day I see a gang wearing pink sparkly headbands in Winnemucca is the day I will stop wearing them.

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