Lowry adopts a new normal

Lowry adopts a new normal

By Chris Gildone Posted: October 13, 2020

As the school year starts, the students and teachers have to get used to the new rules and restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

Freshmen at Lowry like Jacob Woolsey are getting used to the school regardless of the difficulties that are occurring. 

“We have been quarantined for so long and it is a new school I was coming to, so it made me a little nervous,” said Woolsey.  

Woolsey enjoys Lowry High rather than the prior schools he had attended in the past.

“It was my best first week I’ve had,” Woolsey said. “I just like the chillness and cool vibe of high school.”

Student Body President Anjolie Karrer is ready to go back to school full time and is looking forward to soccer season. 

“I wish we could go back to school five days a week because I feel like online school makes it harder to learn,” said Karrer. “I miss the sports and school activities because they make kids want to go to school and make it more fun for everyone.”

Mr. Taua Cabatbat, the head coach of the football team and a weights teacher at Lowry is not stressed out about CoronaVirus. 

Mr. Taua Cabatbat./Courtesy • Winnada
Mr. Taua Cabatbat./Courtesy • Winnada

“I feel confident, I feel like I’m in good shape,” Cabatbat said.

He is taking precautions to make sure he doesn’t get or spread the virus.

“For the most part I take care of myself and I watch who I’m around,” Cabatbat said. 

The students and teachers have to get used to the new rules set in place to keep everyone as safe as possible and the Lowry staff is making sure that everyone stays safe.  

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