Lowry Leadership kicks off the School Year

By Nate Betteridge and Shayla Kranovich Posted September 26, 2006

Throughout the months of August and September, the Leadership class at Lowry High School participated in many activities, beginning with the Leadership Building Retreat. At the retreat, Leadership students prepared for the upcoming 2006-2007 school year

By planning major upcoming events at Lowry, such as Homecoming, and Welcome Back Week for new and returning students.

“Welcome Back Week was really great!” (Esmeralda Aguilar). The Leadership class did many things to welcome students back to school, such as posters, goodie bags for the upcoming freshmen, and decorations. We even chalked the sidewalks with fun phrases and pictures to excite the student body! However, it doesn’t stop there, we also plan fun activities every month for students to participate in during TASK and lunch.

Every month the Leadership class plans one task activity and one lunchtime activity for the student body to participate in. For the month of September, the lunchtime activity took place on the 19th. This activity was a food relay that included three people from every class. Each person had to run to the food holder, grab their food, and swallow it all before tagging the next person. The class that finished their snacks and crossed the finish line first won. The task activity this month was on the 21st was a tie-up race. For this activity, each group had to dress one person from their class in toilet paper. Then, the person who they dressed had to run to the finish line. The class whose person’s outfit was destroyed the least when they crossed the finish line won. “Lunchtime and task activities are refreshing and original” (Dan Hopfer). These activities allow more students from different classes to have the opportunity to meet each other. Each class competes against one another for class points, which determine who wins class of the year.

Class of the Year goes to the class at Lowry that earns the most points

By the end of the school year. Students earn their class points based on not only who wins class competitions, but also their performance and participation at pep assemblies and other school events. Class of the Year is a great reward for the class with the most spirit and dedication to Lowry High School. The class standings are as follows:

1st place Freshman: 500 points
2nd place Seniors: 450 points
3rd place Sophomores: 375 points
4th place Juniors: 300 points

In addition to planning and preparing each activity and event that takes place at the High School, the Leadership class also attends conventions and meetings where they are able to work with Leadership students from other schools. This month, the Lowry Leaders had the opportunity to attend Regionals hosted

By McDermitt High School. At this event, the students attended workshops where they learned about the skills essential to being an effective leader. This will prove to be very beneficial in the future of the Leadership class and Lowry High School.

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