Lowry welcomes a new face

Lowry welcomes a new face

By Araceli Galarza Posted April 1, 2021

Next year Lowry will be welcoming back an old student as a new teacher. Mr. Zack Pruett has previously taught Earth and Life Science for three years at the Junior High. He has worked for the school district for a total of six years. 

“I spent three of those years teaching Earth and Life Science at Winnemucca Junior High School. Following that, I spent three years as the teacher for Humboldt County’s Distance Education program, where I got to help students manage their classes and tutor them in any class,” said Pruett. 

Mr. Pruett is excited to be coming back to the high school where he graduated from. He is excited and eager to take over and teach science at Lowry. 

Mr. Pruett enjoys teaching, he feels very good when he sees students begin to grasp the concepts being taught. 

“I love seeing a student’s face light up after they figure out a problem or they begin to understand a concept,” said Pruett.  “The ability to teach kids about something I enjoy is just an additional benefit. Also hopefully inspiring them to pursue what they want and enjoy with the knowledge that they can achieve whatever they want to.” 

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