Mr. Setzer, Staff Member of the Month for December

Mr. Setzer, Staff Member of the Month for December

By Kylie Owsley Posted December 31, 2005

Here at Lowry High School, every month a new staff member is chosen to be our very own “Staff Member of the Month.” Each month the Leadership class congratulates the staff member

By singing them a song, and showing them how much we appreciate their dedication and time towards the school.

For the month of December, the Leadership class elected Mr. Jeff Setzer to be the new Staff Member of the Month. Mr. Setzer has been teaching at the high school for eight years and counting. His most memorable teaching experience was watching the class of 2001 walk at graduation because that was the first class he ever taught at Lowry.

Every staff member is asked who their hero is, or the person they admire most. Mr. Setzer kindly notified us that his hero, or I should say heroes, are his parents. His parents are the hardest working people he has ever met, and he has seen them work hard his whole life giving everything they have.

We also asked Mr. Setzer what his favorite quote was. He told us that “West of here there’s a house in the hills where I have 365 days to kill,” was a quote he was very fond of. The quote was said By Bellwether. And last, we asked Mr. Setzer what his superlative is. He replied, “I always tend to fidget”.

The Leadership class felt that Mr. Setzer was the perfect candidate for this month’s Staff Member of the Month. We sincerely appreciate everything he has contributed to Lowry High School and we are very pleased with what we have learned from his excellent teaching strategies. Thanks so much to Mr. Setzer.

Keep up the good work!

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