Mr. Welter, Staff Member of the Month October 2006

By Gus Ramasco Posted November 15, 2006

For the 2006-2007 school year here at Lowry High, we have a new vice principal, Doc Welter.

Earlier this week, I interviewed Mr. Welter and found out a lot about him. He got his nickname “Doc” because he was a medic in the Marine Corps. Mr. Welter was in the military for a total of 10 years, 6 years active, and four in reserve.

During the interview, I found out that Doc can fly planes, and when asked how he learned that skill, he said when he was in Puerto Rico he took flying lessons.

When Mr. Welter was a young child, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. Before coming to Lowry, Doc was a staff member at South Kitsap High School in Washington, and when asked why he came here, he replied that he wanted to go somewhere new, and there was a job opening here.

I asked him if there was anywhere else he would like to have gone, and he said he would have enjoyed it somewhere in Montana. One thing he doesn’t like about Winnemucca is there are not enough places to shop.

When I asked Mr. Welter what he thinks is most enjoyable about Lowry he answered “the great staff and students.”

Before interviewing Doc, I was wondering what a vice-principal really does for the school. So I asked him the question, and he replied that he is in charge of discipline, but also is in charge of the PASS program, custodians, school improvement, buildings and grounds, and also runs the proficiency tests.

When asked what his favorite holiday is, he said Veteran’s Day, because he likes to pay tribute to the great servers of this country. Well, that’s all the time I had to ask Mr. Welter questions, and I hope to see more improvements for the school due to Mr. Welter.

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