Poetry Out Loud holds contest

By Taylor LaTray Posted March 15, 2012

Recently Lowry held its annual contest promoting grammar and creativity. The Poetry Out Loud competition took place in late February. Each level receives prizes, the greater prizes, of course, being deeper into the competition. The ultimate winner of this year’s Poetry Out Loud was Rachel French; senior Hailey Samms took second and Eman Eizienga closely placed third.

On Saturday, March 24 our Lowry poetry students will be traveling to Reno to compete at a state-level event at noon. Also, the POL national competition will be held May 13-15 in Washington D.C. This competition is based on students ability to memorize and recite classic poetry with expression and efficiency.

These students are harshly scored on their accuracy of the reciting, physical presence, voice control as well as dramatic appropriateness, level of difficulty, and evidence of understanding. Support of our Poetry Out Loud students is welcomed openly.

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