American All-Star Dance Team

American All-Star Dance Team

By Kelli Seeliger Posted November 20, 2007

There is excitement in the air for eight lucky girls on the Lowry High School Dance Team. They were chosen to be members of the American All-Star Dance Team after a private camp the team holds every year at the school. The girls that were chosen are Savannah McDade, Rachel Yates, Kristen Graham, Julissa Pulido, Camille Lyon, Megan Griggs, Sharrisa Stevens, and myself, Kelli Seeliger.

The Team has the opportunity to go on an annual Good-Will trip. This year the trip is to Rome, Italy. These girls have the chance to perform at the American Overseas School of Rome. This is one of the most important parts of this trip. They get to perform dances learned at the summer camp in groups. There are a total of 15 dance groups. The girls from here are doing two separate dances. Three of them are doing a hip hop dance and the other five are doing a kick dance. 

This trip was not free though. The total cost was $2,095 and fundraising was a necessity. They did everything from a Taco Feed, to sales of cookie dough, coffee beans, and candles. They also had a car wash, a lot sale, and a raffle. Girls earned up to $600 each. 

The fact that the trip is to Rome is not a downside. There are five days the group gets to tour, shop, and sightsee around the ancient city. There is also the chance to see and hear Pope Benedict XVI. There are many tours on foot and on a bus. There is even a day when the girls go to Tuscany. This is truly the trip of a lifetime.

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