Do’s and Don’ts: Deciding where to go to college

By Amy Balagna Posted December 16, 2009

So I’m really excited to graduate, to get out of here and have some kind of adventure but as I was thinking about college and looking into schools really far away I got a little upset with myself because instead of wanting to get as far away as possible I felt I wanted to stay close, to my family and to where I grew up. I found myself desperately wanting to go to UNR. For me, it’s perfect. It’s close to home, I have a brother already attending the school and it’s located in a city large enough to entertain me without scaring me with its size.

I am really happy with my decision. I’ve realized that UNR is a really good school; it has a ton of options. I don’t quite know exactly what I want to do with my life but the school has something to interest everyone.

I urge you to not discard the state school because a large percent of the students at Lowry that go on to college choose to go there. That’s pretty much all I hear, that UNR is just like Lowry because everyone goes there. But there is no way that you won’t meet any new people. There is not a chance that you will see the same people from Lowry daily unless you want to.

Plus, the campus is absolutely beautiful; it has a classic feel that makes me want to learn. And the on-campus living is decent, and by that, I mean not disgusting.

The campus is close enough to home but far enough away to create a nice balance and Reno has a ton of stuff to do. There is always a quality concert in town.

So I’m telling you not to discard a great school because you have heard things. When applying to college there are a ton of things you have to think about, location, academics, and all the other little things that will make you feel comfortable.

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