Getting to know Mr. Brant Corak

Getting to know Mr. Brant Corak

By Chloe Rusconi Posted November 20, 2008

“If I could go back, I would do it all over again and still be a teacher,” said Brant Corak a Math teacher at Lowry.

He has been teaching at Lowry for twelve years. He went to The University of Idaho because when he was in high school he went to football camps there and enjoyed being on the campus. He also expressed that Idaho was in between being far away from home (Enterprise, Oregon) and close enough to return home on weekends if he chose to.

He also became a teacher so that he could be a coach. His father influenced him because he was a sixth-grade teacher and coached football and wrestling. Corak has coached football, wrestling, and currently coaches girl’s golf. He learned that Lowry had a strong wrestling program, which motivated him to stay here. After his student teaching job ended, in the spring of 1996, a math job opened at Lowry. It was tough for him to adjust to Winnemucca because his hometown has a wide variety of green trees and beautiful flowers so moving to the desert here, was a big change.

The difference between teaching boys and girls’ sports is that boys are either happy or mad, girls Corak said; let you know exactly how they feel. 

“It is a good thing because it helps me know how to get them motivated,” said Corak. He added, “It had been a fun learning experience for me,” this year is his second year coaching a girl sport.

Corak is a math proficiency teacher to seniors who have not yet passed. His goal is to increase the passing rate. Last year his greatest achievement was having twenty-six of his students pass the test the first time.

Corak had two ideas on how he would change Lowry, he said, “I would make school a four and a half day week because it saves electricity.”

He said that a shorter school week would decrease the number of absences for sports as well.

Corak is also on the Honor Society Faculty Counsel. For his job on the Honor Society Counsel, he must decide if a disciplinary action takes place when one of the members breaks a rule.

He also considers himself fortunate to work at Lowry since he met his wife, Heather (the school’s bookkeeper) here. “It’s great [working with his wife] because I get to see the prettiest woman in the world every day at work.” 

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