Grand plié, Chassé: It’s not just dance

Grand plié, Chassé: It’s not just dance

By Sierra Sherburn Posted March 3, 2010

Dancers are not credited enough for the dedication that goes into a short performance. There may be a few girls who think it is, but it would be hard to find a guy that would honestly call dancing difficult because you don’t have to be masculine to do it. It seems as though people talk before they think. Do they really know all of the hard work and dedication that goes into a single two to three-minute routine?

People do not truly know what goes into dancing unless they have personally done it. It does look easy, but only if you see it done the right way. It takes an abundance of hard work to make it look even halfway decent. A lot of time goes into learning one dance for one single performance, and if you don’t spend a good quality of time on it, it is one huge mess.

“It takes a lot of practice, first you have to create the routine, or choreograph it, and then we have to make sure everyone knows it. Then we perfect the routine,” said Amaya Drake who has been dancing since the fourth grade.

Another point is that you really have to know how to use your body for dancing. Anyone can dance, but not everyone can make it look good. Most people can’t go out on the dance floor and learn a routine the first time. It takes just as much time to get good at dancing as it does for football or basketball.

In a dance studio, classes mostly focus on conditioning and perfecting technique. The body must be very strong to endure a difficult routine.

If people saw behind the scenes, where dancers spend hours just trying to learn one step at a time they would consider dancing a sport. There is a lot of concentration and dedication that goes into learning a dance routine. You have to know every move, step after step, and it takes a while to get it memorized. Do you think the dancers learned those sweet moves overnight?

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