Halloween hasn’t changed for some

Halloween hasn’t changed for some

By Leticia Gomez Posted October 3, 2012

For many trick-or-treating and dressing up ends in junior high. People think it’s too immature and that we are getting too old. Some may say it’s time to grow up. They forget how much fun it is to dress in costume and get free candy.

“Heck yeah, I still trick-or-treat! Why not? Live while you can cause you only live once. Yolo!” said Ana Gonzalez.

Ana still enjoys trick-or-treating. Her favorite costume was when she was 13; she dressed up as a nerd.

“Yes, I still trick-or-treat, because I get free candy,” Melanie Thomas.

Melanie still likes to trick-or-treat but only because she gets free candy.

I personally still enjoy trick-or-treating but I like dressing up a lot more. I think it’s a boat load of fun to go out with my friends and get the free candy.

Now, on the other hand, some think that we are too old for trick-or-treating. Some cities have even banned trick-or-treating for teenagers. These cities fine you or put you in jail if you are older than the age limit for trick-or-treating; the age limit in some cities is 12.

Katlyn Barnes. / Courtesy • Winnada
Katlyn Barnes. / Courtesy • Winnada

“No, I don’t still trick-or-treat. I would rather pass out candy,” said Dominique Hinkle.

Hinkle doesn’t enjoy trick-or-treating anymore but her favorite costume was when she dressed up as a lady bug.

“No, don’t still trick-or-treat because I’m too cool for that,” said Katlyn Barnes.

Barnes doesn’t trick-or-treat anymore but she remembers it being a lot of fun.

Trick-or-treating is something we won’t be able to do forever; eventually, we will have to grow up and stop doing it. Then we will have to start buying our own candy.

Again we don’t have too much longer; therefore I think that we should be taking advantage of the time we have left.