New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

By Jessie Schirrick  Posted December 14, 2011

1. “Pass the ninth grade.”
-Dylan Campbell

2. “To learn how to play the cello.”
-Alex Schirrick

3. “To be a better person.”
-Sarah Betteridge

4. “To procrastinate more.”
-Savannah Montero

5. “Travel to Reno with all of the ‘wolf pack’ and we’re going to go crazy.”
-Sienna Beal

6. “Get good grades… I guess.”
-Abby Flores

7. “Finish Mario Galaxy.”
-RChloe Yates. /Courtesy •  Winnadaachael Foster

8. “Eat more pickles”
-Hannah Haun

9. “Learn how to be a champion fist pumper.”
-Chloe Yates

10. “Gain 20 pounds.”
-Nick Lujan

11. “Get as buff as Lebron James.”
-Jorden Rinas

12. “My new year’s resolution is to be way better at Skyrim than Jonathan”
-Nic Velasquez

13.Josh Rose. /Courtesy •  Winnada “I want to make my first 1 million dollars. Like Lil’ Wayne.
-Josh Shaver

14. “To keep a 4.0 GPA”
-Sabrina Jensen

15. “To get buff as heck.”
-Tessa Kampf

16. “To grow some flowers.”
-Jayci Hill

17. “To live in the moment.”
-Quinn Norcutt

18. “To be a better person.”
-Josh Rose

19. “To Tessa Kampf. /Courtesy •  Winnadabe happy.”
-Taylor Jiminez

20. “Unlock all the weapons and armor in Skyrim.”
-Beau Billingsley