Why I love sports and why you should too

By Mary Granath Posted April 22, 2009

Most people cry at the end of “The Notebook”, but I never did. Instead, I shed my tears when the boys soccer team lost to Incline in the last two minutes of the Northern 3A zone championship game (on an offside goal I might add), or when the girls basketball team was narrowly defeated for the State title last February, I even let a few tears trickle out when our beloved football team lost to Spring Creek in their final game the year. This is why I love sports. No, it’s not the crying I enjoy, it’s the personal connection you feel to the team and to the game.

I might wager that, at times, watching the game is more fun than playing in it. You can feel the adrenaline rush when a player on the team steals the opponent’s pass, and you can scream and about it too. When you’re playing in the game you’re focused on the upcoming play and how you’re involved. However, when you’re in the stands you have free reign to yell at the refs, ridicule the opposing team, and go ballistic when your team makes an amazing play.

Despite the numerous reasons why sports are entertaining, there are still those who have never been to a Lowry Bucks’ sporting event, claiming that sports just aren’t for them or sports are too boring. In reality, these people simply haven’t felt the elation of watching the wrestling team take state, the astonishment when the football team completes a pass, or the satisfaction when the volleyball team defeats their competitors for a hard-earned win.

So my challenge to you is this: Go watch some sports, at the very least you’ll be supporting your school. If you’re someone who regularly goes to the football games, try watching a volleyball game. Explore the limitless world of sports; you just might be your newfound obsession.

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