Your rep just for popularity?

By Jayna Hill Posted June 3, 2009

Every human being wants to have a feeling of acceptance among their peers. The search for popularity stems from a need for acceptance in some cases; some people think that they need to be popular and in order to gain this popularity some people go to severe measures to make others like them or accept them more. Sometimes teenagers try to gain acceptance or popularity through drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, or gossiping. Each of these acts may make you more popular with those who partake in the same activities.

The most important thing to remember about going to these measures is that you are going to be liked for the reputation you gain and not for the person you actually are. It might not be worth it to be accepted for a reputation instead of for yourself. “Some people want to be known and liked by everyone that it changes who they are as a person,” said Lowry junior Robyn Wadleigh.

Even a look around Lowry will reveal this troubling trend. Some students party and drink and do things that later in their life they could regret, but at the same time gives them a reputation that might make them popular or liked.

“I believe that when some girls or guys are hungry for popularity they will do anything to be accepted even if it involves changing your sexual status, it may get you well known by your peers but in a whole different way,” said Wadleigh.

It’s easy to do things you would normally do to gain acceptance, but is it really worth it? Lowry junior Desiree Lemm said, “honestly nowadays I do think people are changing to become popular I have been around enough people and witnessed it.”

Not every popular person has a bad reputation or poor morals, but students need to know that you don’t have to follow the “in” crowd to gain a reputation and obtain popularity. Students need to think ahead and realize if they partake in certain activities to become popular people won’t truly like them for who they are, but for who they make themselves seem to be.

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