Blind-sighted adults

Blind-sighted adults

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 3, 2012

The ignorance of Americans today has increased greatly. We no longer know simple facts about our own children. Due to technology, Facebook, and the influences of public figures such as Lindsey Lohan, our own adolescents are acting as if their own actions will not affect their success and achievements later in life.

According to WebMD, more children are rebelling today than in the past because social pressure comes earlier than in past generations. In the past, ladies had to act like ladies and wear dresses at least to their knees each day. Also, men used to dress formally as they could afford. Guys and girls today wear the clothing they please and also do as they please. Our parents give us a few restrictions. Obviously, the times have changed, and we are moving forward, but as we excel our clothing amount seems to decrease. Parents are no longer as active in their teens’ lives. They believe every word adolescents spit out and care less about their whereabouts.

As you reach your teenage years you need to be able to be independent and have freedom; but not so much freedom that you have the potential to ruin your future and be exposed to every illegal action possible. Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, but my mom is involved in my life and monitors what I do. Parents who let their children do as they please or just remain careless are irresponsible and should probably stop having children.

In the high school world, pure pressure is normal and the amount of kids who give into it is immense. If parents were to speak to their children more and be more active in their children’s lives, fewer students wouldn’t give in to such pressure. However, there is no way to force parents to be more active in their child’s life. So, the many problems of today may never change. Your life and how successful it all depends on you and your decision.