Freshman girl’s basketball preview

Freshman girl’s basketball preview

By Alora McClure Posted December 17, 2021

The freshman girls basketball team chose eight girls for this year’s team. In the end, all the coaches believe they have a great team this year.

Coach Larry Renteria is confident in this freshman team’s potential. He feels that the program is coming around great. He feels it takes a lot of courage to come out, be evaluated, and take a risk. After much thought and reflection, they were able to make a selection that they feel very good about.

“The team is coming together well after just a few practices,” said Renteria. “Personalities are starting to show, and the girls are working well to help each other improve.”

The last time these girls had the chance to play was in 7th grade. All the girls want to have a successful season.

They both hope for a winning and an overall great season. They put in a lot of effort in hopes it will pay off in the future. Everyone else on the team hopes for a very fulfilling season. They would love to make their mark on the basketball program so that they will be remembered for years to come.