Tarafa wins Poetry Out Loud

Tarafa wins Poetry Out Loud

By Joey Lester Posted February 26, 2009

The annual poetry out loud competition held on Thursday, February 19 was a sight to see. The pressure was on the competitors knowing that the winner of this competition would receive one hundred dollars and more importantly the opportunity to compete at the state competition.

There were three competitors participating in poetry out loud, each of the three had to read one poem of their choice. Rebecca Monroe was the first to compete and recited a poem by Henry David Thoreau took the pace of the second runner up and won forty dollars. Next to read was Melissa Miller, who came in as the first runner up acted out a poem with two roles by her self. Miller was awarded sixty-dollar second place prize and will be an alternate at state.

The winner of this year’s Poetry Out Loud was Gianesi Tarafa who took first with her emotion-filled poem and won the hundred dollar prize. Tarafa will be competing at state this March hoping to triumph once again. Congratulations to all who competed and good luck to Tarafa at state.

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