Athlete of the Issue: Lexie Coleman

Athlete of the Issue: Lexie Coleman

By Weston Irons Posted April 17, 2013

Lexie is a student athlete who participates in Lowry’s varsity softball program and excels in all of what she does in and out of school. This year she is a junior. Her skills and accolades have made her this issue’s pick for Athlete of the Issue.

Lexie has been playing softball for nearly ten years. Softball is her favorite sport and the only one she plays. Over the years from all of her practicing she has developed into a very good softball player.

“I’ve been playing softball since I was seven. I played other sports off and on but softball is really the only sport I played and enjoyed,” said Coleman
Lexie’s parents serve as big inspirations to her. Although her mom was never into sports when she was in high school her dad was. Her dad played many sports and coached softball for many years.

“My mom wasn’t big into sports but my dad was and he coached softball for a long time and coached me in it. I met a lot of my best friends through softball,” said Coleman.

Lexie’s life is revolved around sports and it is usually what she is doing in her free time as well.
“In my free time, I’m always playing sports and practicing and when I’m not I’ m hanging out with my friends,” said Coleman.
Once Lexie graduates from high school she plans to go to college in order to be a veterinarian. She wouldn’t mind playing softball during her college years either.

“After high school, I’m hoping to go to college to get a degree in animal science. And also if I could a scholarship to play softball in college, that would be cool,” said Coleman.

Lexie looks up to professional softball player Jessica Mendoza. Jessica Mendoza played in the outfield for the USA in the 2004 Olympic Games. With her great hitting, she led the USA to the finals but unfortunately lost to Japan.

“I am a big fan of Jessica Mendoza. She played for the USA and was a really good player,” said Coleman.

Coleman still has two softball seasons left with Lowry as this is her junior year and hopes to bring home a softball state championship to Lowry this year. Coleman’s incredible athletic ability and also her academic ability is what has given her the honor of being the Athlete of the Issue.