Cry about it

Cry about it

By Justin Albright Posted May 17, 2012

Have you ever just been roaming around the halls or just roaming the realm of a social network and find somebody complaining about how “terrible” their life is? I, for one, find this more annoying than anything in the world. Or when people complain about how mean their boyfriend/girlfriend is because they won’t talk to them?

It’s recently been a hot commodity on Facebook to constantly complain about how terrible your life is. There are probably millions of kids that would kill to have the life that most of us have here in Winnemucca. There are kids out there without family, food, or any loved ones. So when you complain about how your life “sucks” because you can’t go out with your friends on a Friday night you should probably think about what you’re saying and realize how silly it is.

Also, quit talking crap about your boyfriend/girlfriend on social media. Nobody wants to hear about how “all guys are jerks.” No. You just constantly pick all the jerks out there. That’s your fault, nobody else. Maybe you should try and find a real guy that won’t cheat on you or be a jerk to you every day.

For the people that constantly complain about how “sucky” their parents are, Shut up. Don’t ever talk crap about your parents. Who cares if they woke you up to-early, who cares if they don’t let you go out on a Friday or Saturday night, they are still your parents, so respect them.

When people go on the social network sites just say that it’s either raining or snowing, I never would have been able to guess. There’s no need to point out the fact that it’s raining when we all have windows and can all clearly see and acknowledge the fact that it’s raining.

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